Chemsplash Jet Spray 88 OverBoot with Anti-Slip Sole

Chemsplash Jet Spray 88 OverBoot with Anti-Slip Sole - Style No. 2746

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  • 88 GSM Chemsplash Jet Spray Fabric
  • Anti-Slip and Anti-Static Sole
  • Low Linting
  • Elasticated Top And Ankles
Description: Chemsplash Jet Spray Overboot Type PB(3-B) with Anti-Slip sole is made from Chemsplash 88 GSM Jet Spray fabric. Strong and resistant to chemical splash and dust. Low Linting and featuring a PVC Anti-Slip and Anti-Static sole. Chemsplash Accessories range is used to protect the wearer from the environment or the environment from the wearer. The range has been designed to allow for maximum comfort and wearability.

Safety Standard: EN14605: Type PB (3-B) (4-B), EN13034: Type PB (6-B), EN14126: Infective Agents, EN1149 -5: Anti Static, EN14325: 2018

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No of Units In Inner Case 1
No of Units In Outer Case 100
No. of units on a Standard Pallet 2800
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