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Reg No. KRS0000911803


Supplier” means Chemsplash.com a trading Division of Chemsplash Europe Limited Sp. Z o.o “Customer” Means any Business or Person who requests The Supplier or any of its Business Names

to supply any product or service.

ACCEPTANCES OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS OUTLINED BELOW: as part of our online application, by the customer, is considered legally binding on behalf of the customer & is considered full acceptance of all terms & conditions and cannot be superseded by other terms and conditions. If one or any combination of these terms are not enforced by the supplier on one or more occasions this does not restrict the supplier from enforcing any or all of these terms as the supplier chooses fit for particular Orders / Invoices. The supplier reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions as may be deemed necessary and will endeavour to supply a new version to the customers as soon as any alterations
are finalized.

PRICING AND INCO TERMS – will be agreed as per our official Quotations and Order Confirmations. Carriage and VAT are added at invoicing where appropriate

PROMOTIONS - Any promotional discount codes that we offer from time to time are not applicable to Contracted Prices

CANCELLATIONS– Orders cannot be cancelled. Customers are liable for 100% of the value of the order.

CHANGES TO ORDERS – Changes are not allowed. If the customer wishes to submit changes then the supplier will in good faith investigate the impacts on Deposits / Payments / Delivery schedules and pricing. If the customer does not accept the supplier's response to the change request, then the customer commits to accept the order as originally agreed.

DELAYS – All delivery dates are estimates only and the supplier shall not be liable for any damages relating to failure to dispatch the product as of a certain date. In the event of any delay in delivery due to a cause beyond the supplier's control, unless otherwise agreed, the time of delivery shall be deemed extended for a period equal to the period of delay.

CLAIMS – Shortages and non-delivery must be advised by the customer, in writing, within 7 days of the delivery date The customer must inspect the product/delivery and give written notice within 7 days to the supplier of any reason they think the delivery/product is not in accordance with the agreement. If the customer fails to give such written notice the products shall be deemed to be inspected and accepted in all respects in accordance with the agreed terms. Damaged or worn products are non-returnable. The Customer and its staff must ensure all products are fit for purpose and are of proper fit, sizing and comfort before being sold, issued and or used. Customers specify their own risk for all personal protective

workwear and equipment. All products must be checked by the customer to ensure they are of an equivalent or higher specification before being issued to their staff or customers for use or sale.

CUSTOMISED PRODUCT (Private Label / logoed / Bespoke product in terms of design/branding/packaging or quantity). Customized Garments by colour / design / sizing / fabric / logo / private label etc. are non-returnable or refundable under any circumstances. Pre-production and Production Samples must be inspected by customers for all customized products, and their approval noted to the supplier in writing. If no written approval is given by the customer then the garments/ products are deemed to be verbally approved by the customer. If the customer does not inspect the pre-dispatch sample product nor inspects or approve them/it, then all subsequent dispatches are non-returnable and non-refundable

PAYMENT TERMS – Upon satisfactory Credit Checks being carried out, our Normal trading account credit terms are 30 days end of the month (all invoices dated within a particular month are due for payment on the last day of the following month ) on standard stock items.

LATE PAYMENT – An additional charge on a basis of 8% per year / or part of the month is payable on all invoices which are not paid on time.

RETENTION OF TITLE – The supplier retains the full title of all goods supplied until all the invoices are paid for in full. In a liquidation or administration of a customer, all unused/unsold goods supplied by the supplier, to the customer, which is in resalable condition, (and are not customized garments – unless agreed by the supplier) will be returned to the supplier and set against any outstanding invoices which remain unpaid.

COMMUNICATION – Please note all Invoices / Credit Notes and Statements will be issued by email only.

STOCK HOLDING AGREEMENTS/ CALL OFF ORDERS– If the customer breaks their commitment under any signed stock holding agreement, the supplier is entitled to immediately invoice the customer for all the stock and the invoice becomes payable immediately.

ARBITRATION – Upon 30 days prior written notice is provided by the supplier Chemsplash Europe Limited Sp. Zo.o or the customer to the other party, any claims arising out of or related to this agreement or the default thereof, which has not been resolved by mutual agreement of the parties shall be settled by arbitration, which shall be governed, construed, interpreted and enforced according to the laws of Poland. The supplier reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions as may be deemed necessary and will endeavour to supply a new version to the customer as soon as any alterations are finalised

LOYALTY SCHEME ONLINE ORDERING – The supplier offers all customers who process their orders online a loyalty Bonus of a credit note as outlined below.

The loyalty bonus is based on loyalty points equivalent to 1% of the sales value.

You will be notified in December of each year of this offer and you must claim your credit before midnight of the date specified any unclaimed credits at this time and date will be awarded as a sales credit note against your account after midnight of the date specified.

Credit Claim Instruction –

  1. 1-  Log into your account

  2. 2-  Go to your account page by clicking on your name in the top navigation bar

  3. 3-  Click on “Your Loyalty points” under My orders.