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Chemsplash Cleanroom Autoclave Bag
Cleanroom Autoclave Bags are ideal for tracking and keeping garment sets together, with a nylon zip ..
Chemsplash Cleanroom Lab Coat with Front Zip
Cleanroom Lab Coat is made from anti static polyester material has a concealed nylon zip front style..
Chemsplash Eka 55 Coverall Type 5B/6B - White
Chemsplash Eka 55 Disposable Coverall 55GSM microporous laminated non-linting fabric. It offers user..
Chemsplash Overshoe Type PB(6-B)
Chemsplash Elasticated Overshoe is made from Chemsplash soft and microporous fabric. It is strong an..
Chemsplash Pro 63 Coverall Type 5B/6B
The Chemsplash Pro Disposable Coverall is made from a strong yet breathable 63gsm microporous lamina..
Chemsplash PVC Grip Slip-Resistant Overshoe Type PB(6-B)
Chemsplash Anti-Slip Overshoe is made from Chemsplash fabric which is soft and microporous. It is st..
Chemsplash Xtreme 50 SMS Coverall Type 5/6
Chemsplash Xtreme SMS 50 disposable coveralls are made from extremely breathable SMS fabric suitable..
Cleanroom Lab Coat Lancer Style
Cleanroom Lab Coat made from anti static polyester material has a concealed nylon zip lancer style f..
Polypropylene Disposable Coverall
Polypropylene Dust Suit Coverall is made from a 30GSM non-woven material and comes with a full zip f..
Sontara MicroPure 100 Critical Cleanroom Wipes
Sontara MicroPure Wipes are engineered especially for cleanroom use. Combining the absorbency of a n..
Sontara MicroPure AP All Purpose Cleanroom Wipes
Sontara MicroPure AP wipe is an all purpose wipe, highly absorbent & low linting. Suitable for Clean..
Tyvek 500 Xpert Coverall Type 5B/6B - Hooded
The Tyvek 500 Xpert Coverall is a category 3, Type 5/6 Coverall made from a 3 ply fabric. This fabri..
Tyvek Elasticated Overshoes Type PB (6-B)
Tyvek Elasticated Overshoes are made from a type 5/6 material and elasticated at the ankle for secur..
Tyvek Slip-Resistant Overboot Type PB(6-B)
Tyvek PVC Overboot is a type 5/6 rated material, with the addition of a PVC sole for added slip resi..
Tyvek Zip Fasten Labcoat Type PB(6B)
Tyvek Type 5/6 Labcoat is a 2/3 length coat complete with a collar. Also available with the option o..
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