Cleanroom Lab Coat Lancer Style

Cleanroom Lab Coat Lancer Style - Style No. 5734

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  • Concealed Nylon Zip Lancer Style Fastening
  • One Piece Folded Stand Collar With Stud
  • Set in Sleeves
  • Knitted Polyester Cuffs
  • Internal Pocket
  • Twin Needled Stitching
  • All fabric Edges Heat Sealed
  • Suitable for: Autoclaving, Gamma Irradiation
  • And Industrial Washing
Description: Cleanroom Lab Coat made from anti static polyester material has a concealed nylon zip lancer style fastening. It has all the features required for cleanroom usage, twin needled stitching, with all fabric edges heat seal. With a one piece folded collar and stud, set in sleeves, knitted polyester cuffs and an internal pocket. Suitable for autoclaving, gamma irradiation and industrial washing. Main colours white or light blue, or made to order in navy or green.

Safety Standard: CE APPROVED: Antistatic Polyester Material

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