Chemsplash Bib Apron Type PB 6B

Chemsplash Bib Apron Type PB 6B - Style No. 2551

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  • Type PB 6B Fabric
  • Knee Length
  • Tie Tapes
  • 83cm Length
Description: Chemsplash knee length Bib Apron is suitable for a wide range of aplications. Made of Type 5B&6B Fabric it offers CAT III Patial Body Protection.

Safety Standard: EN13982-1: TYPE PB 5B, EN13034: TYPE PB 6B, EN14126: INFECTIVE AGENTS, CAT I: Partial Body Protection

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Product packaging details Quantity
Stock unit Each
No of Units In Inner Case 1
No of Units In Outer Case 200
No. of units on a Euro Pallet 4800
No. of units on a Standard Pallet 6000